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The principle

Just paste your link in the text box above, and your premium link gets generated for free. You have 300MB per day available.

If you want more space, you should register for free to get more space per day. With a free registration, you will get 600MB per day which you can collect up to a maximum of 3000MB.


Premium Uploaded is a premium link generator where you can download files from uploaded for free.
With Premium Uploaded, generating premium links stays relaxing.
Additionally, we don't force you into buying another premium account. It is and it stays free.
Premium Uploaded also doesn't use any kind of link shorteners where you have to wait. Your premium download starts instantly without waiting time. To start generating premium links, you can just paste your link in the textbox above.

All premium advantages:
  • Download with highspeed
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- it's like using a premium account from uploaded - you just have to enter your link to get your premium link generated!