Switched to https 9.11.2016

I finally managed to get the SSL working, there was an issue with Cloudflare that its certificate authority didn't provide the certificate (I have no idea why). Almost one year later, Cloudflare finally managed to get the certificate working. Although it took some time, Cloudflare is still the best company ever!

Password reset enabled 15.9.2015

You can now set or change your email in your account, so you can easily reset your password if you forgot it.

New design finished & using Node.js now 22.08.2015

I finally finished the new website design. Additionally, I moved the whole system to another platform (Node.js), which will result in less errors and better performance (ASP.net MVC is not that stable as I thought).

New Servers arrived & new accounts added 03.06.2015

I added new accounts and the new servers are ready. There are sometimes still timeouts so some downlods won't start, but if this should happen, please try it again 1-2 minutes later and it should work.

Be patient, new servers are arriving in the next few days 02.06.2015

Since Premium Uploaded got really popular in the last few weeks, the servers are too much overloaded. If you used Premium Uploaded in the last few days, you probably noticed it that often a message displayed that all space was used. I can't use one server for all premium accounts - so I bought new ones, but they are not ready before 1-2 days.
Currently, only the few overloaded servers can be used so the space will be limited per day - I'm sorry for that.

New website design under progress 01.06.2015

I am planning to redesign the whole website which will hopefully result in a much more clearer and easier navigation. I don't know when it will be finished, but feel free to check out Premium Uploaded in the next weeks to check for a new design.